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$ 25.00   Spay / Neuter Clinic / Sign up

For residents of the city of Muskogee  receiving public assistance / low income

Muskogee’s Coins 4 Critters has established a $ 25.00 spay / neuter clinic for the pets of qualified city of Muskogee residents, thanks to a recent grant from the City of Muskogee Foundation

Following application and approval, a voucher good for a spay or neuter procedure will be provided at the cost to the pet owner of $25.00.  Those qualifying for services are dogs and cats belonging to low-income residents. In addition, they will be given a free rabies vaccination.  The surgeries will be done here in Muskogee at a local veterinaries clinic.  Please be prepared to provide $ 25.00,  identification, proof of city residence, and poof of income, or you are on some type of public assistance (sooner care card, food stamp card or such) If you are on some type of assistance, you should qualify. Low income requirements are based on income.

Once approved and you have your voucher, an appointment will be made  for you to take your pet to be spayed/neutered. 

You MUST have the "prepaid" voucher  before leaving your pet at the clinic for surgery.

 For more information call 405 440-3503    or email

 Watch the Muskogee Phoenix newspaper, website  or Coins 4 Critters on facebook for future sign up dates .

You do not need to bring your pet for the sign up, the surgery will be scheduled for a later date.

Your pet can become pregnant by 5 months of age – please don’t wait –too many are already needing homes.


Be sure when coming for an application you can prove you live inside of Muskogee city limits. A bill with your name and address or some type of mail with your name and address would be fine, a card (that you are receiving public assistance from).like sooner care, food stamps etc. or be able to verify you are in the low income bracket.

Question - Do I have to be on "welfare" to get a voucher ? No. You can be considered low income and not be receiving  other public assistance.