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Could you help ?
We have several areas we could use responsible help caring for the homeless pets entrusted to us.  Like with any other type of work, it would require some training.
Records Keeper -  This person would track incoming and outgoing pets. Pets that come into Coins care must have an id number, the heath care they receive tracked.  There are many things we have to know at all times not only for Coins but for reporting back to grantors and other outside sources, it a requiremnt for non profits. 
Petco Adoption Center - We share this area with W.A.G.S. of Wagoner.  We are responsible to maintain the kitty pens  about 3-4 days a week, W.A.G.S takes care of the other days.  We need someone to go each morning to clean litter boxes, sanitize the pens, take care of the food and water and change out bedding as needed .  It does have to be done in the morning so everything is tidy for the day. Of course they could use some loving on too and it would be great if you could make time for that also ! 
Foster Parent - We are ALWAYS in need of foster homes . We have no shelter/facility.  All of our pets in waiting are in volunteer foster homes.  Foster parents are life saving tools for the homeless pets needing our help.  If you think you may be interested in fostering, please email us or feel free to come to one of our monthly meetings. When a pet is accepted in our care it is because someone has made the commitment  to give them a home until they are adopted.
Adoption Events - We show dogs and other kitties during events, usually they are held at Petco here in Muskogee in the adoption area.
If you'd like to help set up show pens, walk a dog etc we could use your help .
Pet Publicist- We need someone to photograph, and post our available pets to the major adoption sites (Petfinder,Adoptapet) and take the postings down when they were adopted. You would need a digital camera, computer with internet service and email.
Spay / Neuter Clinic Sign Up Days - We have received a VERY generous grant from the City of Muskogee Foundation. We'll be signing up about 40 spay / neuters per month for several months. On sign up days, applications would be taken, information verified and appointments set up for the surgeries. Sign up dates are typically scheduled to be at the Muskogee Public Library during the week.
Spay/Neuter transportation- We have to get our foster pets to their spay/neuter appointments. These are done during weekdays here in Muskogee, Checotah and Bixby. Many of our foster volunteers work full time paying jobs outside the home. If you could help even one day a month please let us know.  We can't adopt out until this is done and adoptions allow us to help more homeless pets.
T.N.R. - Someone to help do trap neuter returns and train others on the process. As funding becomes available, TNR will be done at approved target areas.  All TNR area's would have a care taker already in place to feed and over see the colony .
If you'd like more information about any of these opportunities, email us or feel free to come to one of our monthly meetings, we'd love to meet you.  Even 1 day a week would give a much needed break for one of our volunteers.
We meet the 3rd Tuesday of each month,  6:30 pm, 119 Spalding Boulevard ( Kiwanas Building).
Meeting time and location may change, watch our homepage and facebook for updates.