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How our adoption process works:
You let us know that you are interested in one of our pets via email, or by calling if the number is listed.  Including your phone number is helpful when emailing. That email goes to that pets foster home to answer any questions you may have.  If you'd like to met the pet,the foster parent will ask you some basic questions called an "interview".  If all goes well, you can arrange a meeting with the pet, if you two make friends the adoption takes place.
Pets at PETCO- Adoptions are done there on site during their normal business hours.  During a Coins 4 Critters  adoption event, a Coins member will be on hand to assist with adoptions, on other days, a Petco associate handles adoptions for all pets in the Adoption Center in Petco.  There are several groups showing cats/kittens 7 days a week, we work to help each other and are always happy for a foster pet to get a loving home no matter what group it belongs to.
Some standard questions any rescue group or shelter may ask as part of an "interview".
Do you own or rent where you are living.
Do you have any pets right now and are they spayed or neutered.
What Vet have you used.
Are there others living in the home and what their ages are.
Have you had a pet before .
If you are interested in a dog or puppy, do you have a secure fenced yard.
You may be asked for personal references,place of employment and would you consent to a home visit.
We do have a short, simple adoption contract you sign.  You basically agree to provide proper food, water, shelter and care for the pet. 
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Cats and Dogs can reproduce by 5 months of age !!
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To see our adoption contract click here.