Black Dog Syndrome
There Mary sat, tail wagging and a ball in her mouth. One more day of greeting the visitors at the shelter,hoping one of them would take her home to play some ball. No such luck, not today, or any other day in the next few YEARS. Visitors would always comment on how cute she was sitting there waiting to play but they inevitably, would pass on by to another pen. You see, Mary had an affliction, one the Vet. had no cure for and that has stricken shelters and rescues across the nation. It's called Black Dog Syndrome, Mary was a large black dog and for some reason, no matter how loving, playful, and eager to please they are, they get passed over.
Large Black Dogs go unwanted -
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Do Black Dogs Face Discrimination ?
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Dog Discrimination ?
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Black pups face doggie discrimination
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Are you ready to help black dogs, but not sure how? Here are a few ways you can get involved and make a real difference for these forgotten dogs:

Volunteer for a rescue group or no kill shelter or rescue.

Most rescues and shelters have a variety of volunteer opportunities.Coins 4 Critters are always in need of responsible people to assist  with adoption and fundraising events, offering to walk dogs on adoption days or fostering animals. Have a garage sale,can or penny drive,start a pet food pantry.  What ever you can help with, when you can make time.

Adopt a black dog from a rescue group or no kill shelter.

Consider adopting one of these gorgeous, overlooked dogs the next time you add a companion animal to your life. Your dog will be forever grateful, and you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that the “plain black dog” you adopted may be the best dog you’ve ever had.

Help raise awareness about Black Dog Syndrome.

Share information with friends and family members. Forward them links to black dog web sites such as and If they are planning to add a companion animal to their family, suggest they consider adopting a black dog, and tell them why.

 Donate to a rescue group or a no kill shelter.Veterinary care, food, supplies - all these things cost money. Your donations will help rescues and no kill shelters pay for these expenses, allowing them to free up resources to help even more dogs.

Donate to SOS for Black Dogs -Coins 4 Critters 0143 Muskogee OK 74402 specify you would like to sponsor or contribute to help a black dog.  We can send a puppy (less than 5 months old) for 25.00, an adult about 45.00 with required test/vaccines.

Start a Black Dog Walking Group in your area.

Want to raise awareness about Black Dog Syndrome, have fun with your dog and get a little exercise at the same time? Start a black dog walking group! Meet weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. Advertise on social networking sites such Craig’s List, Yahoo groups, MeetUp, Facebook or Myspace.  It would be a great way to meet other people with similar interest .