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There are so many items needed to care for our wonderful pets until their forever home comes along.  If you can help out with any of these items, little or big, send us an email and we'll be more than happy to pick them up or arrange a place to drop them off.  We have no shelter / facility, it makes it a little more difficult but every penny goes to help these worthy pets.  All of our pets are in volunteer foster homes and many of them help with supplies out of their own pocket as much as possible.  Many items can be dropped off at our local Muskogee PETCO or if pick up is needed, email us.

Good old Cash

Dry Dog/puppy food

Canned dog/puppy food (little ones need this to start weaning)

Clean used towels.

Dog houses-new or used

Paper towels

Gift card to buy supplies or gas with

Drop by Animal Medical Center and pay a little on Coins 4 Critters Account


Kitty litter-scooping kind usually

Pet carriers

Show pens/crates

Dry cat food

Canned cat food (little ones need this to start weaning)

Paper towels

Gift card to buy supplies or gas with.

* Sponsor a dog  for transport.

* This requires a transport "ticket", vaccinations, health certificate, deworming and depending on age, a heart worm check may also be required.

Pet Care Wish List
E mail us

The Muskogee PETCO has volunteered to be a

donation drop off site to make it more convenient for everyone


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