“A Happy Reunion” Miss Kitty – Lydia Kay


Miss Kitty started out as a stray in 2007, looking for a friend behind a boarding house. She hung out on some discarded tires until someone figured out she needed help and they were it !

She was tame, and VERY hungry. A kindly man, who was disabled, we’ll call him “John” had one room at the boarding house where he could see the kitty needing help. Since they were not allowed to have pets at the boarding house, he was asked not to encourage her to hang around. He couldn’t help but feed and make friends with her. John had been a long term boarder and often helped with chores when he could. An exception was made and John was allowed to keep her in his room. He named her Miss Kitty.


  Coins 4 Critters was called to get her into the low cost spay program. Upon closer examination, Miss Kitty was already pregnant and she had 5 kittens. One passed away at birth, two found homes through friends and two went into the Coins adoption program.


  In August 2013, John found out that he had cancer and would be spending a good while in the hospital and then with treatments.  He had no one to take in or care for Miss Kitty.  His only wish was that no one dropped off his Miss Kitty to an animal shelter and that she not be put to sleep. Coins put out a plea for help to volunteers. Foster parents Roberta & Jeremiah stepped in and said they would foster her. As soon as they held Miss Kitty in their arms, they fell in love with her. They knew Miss Kitty should be a part of their permanent family, not just a temporary foster kitty and she became their girl, Lydia Kay.


  Ten months later, by coincidence in a passing conversation, it was found out that John was once again able to care for a kitty and still missed his former room mate of six years, very much.  After several calls with Roberta and Jeremiah they made the heart breaking decision that she could be with John again. Their time was shared with foster kitties and she would have one on one attention seven days a week. They just felt it was the right thing to do. So that John would know how much they loved Lydia Kaye, Roberta and Jeremiah made a plaque to take with her favorite bed, toys, bowls and food.

John didn’t know what had been discussed and a surprise reunion was planned for he and Miss Kitty-Lydia Kay. A quiet room to meet was found near where John lived and Miss Kitty-Lydia Kay was brought in. John was called to come see about something and when he entered the room, Miss Kitty-Lydia Kay leaped into his arms. John was speechless but his eyes and expression said a thousand words. Roberta & Jeremiah had very mixed feelings, saying good bye to Lydia Kay was so very, very hard, seeing Miss Kitty reunited with her rescuer and room mate of 6 years was very heart warming. We were all so happy the two of them could be together again, sharing their room and the companionship they had for so long………………..


Roberta, Jeremiah and the much loved
Miss Kitty - Lydia Kay