Purr-fect Endings page 1
If you have adopted one of our wonderful pets and would like to share the story, please send it to us.  We'd like to have some photo's too. 
Happy endings for our rescued pets is what makes it all worth while and it makes our day !! 
You may mail or email your stories to:
Coins 4 Critters- webmaster
P.O.Box 2466
Muskogee,OK 74402-2466
or click the envelope to email.
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  Happy Tails! "Winston" formerly known as Pierre is adjusting well to his new family. He lives on a large farm and gets plenty of love and attention .
A happy ending for Rusty !!
He was once lost, then found and now he's been adopted to a wonderful family where he has lots of love .
Sara- Adopted 3 years ago.
"We can't imagine life without her! "
"Thank you for all you do for these precious animals!"
 Wally (formaly Jim) was adopted in 2012.
His new mom let us know how he's doing.
"He''s been my loyal companion ever since. I'm truly blessed with him and i'm gratedful for what your organization does."