Transport is when some of our wonderful dogs or puppies are sent to out of state adoption facilities.
There are several cities with proper spay and neuter laws that do not have their shelters over flowing with homeless pets.  These adoption facilities in turn try to help us  place our rescues into loving homes in their area.
Each dog or puppy that is accepted into the program has certain requirements that need to be met in addition, a "ticket " must be bought to help offset their cost of transportation.  It's great that some of our dogs and puppies will have an even better chance of getting their forever home and open up an opportunity for rescues to help another homeless dog or puppy. 
If you'd like to sponsor a dog or puppy please let us know. You can donate money specifically to transporting.
They all have to be vaccinated, receive flea treatment, some need heart worm tests, a certificate from the transport across state lines (Than You Dr. Synar for doing these !) and  a transport "ticket".

Long time animal activists Mike and Kathy Nobles founded Tulsa based Going Home Animal Rescue & Tranport as a totally volunteer organization to transport at-risk dogs  from Oklahoma and surrounding area shelters and rescue groups to adoptive facilities through out the Midwest and beyond.

These adoption facilities are located in areas that have workable spay/neuter laws and strict enforcement policies that result in a shortage of adoptable animals.

Thus, Oklahoma at-risk animals have a good chance of being adopted into
forever homes and avoid the needless slaughter of these animals, estimated at 30,000 per year!

If you'd like to sponsor a transport, we make it easy.  You can send a check and make a note for "transports".  You can use a credit/debit card through our PayPal  (you do not have to have a PayPal account) and in the notes write in transports so we'll know that you want it to go directly for that program. You can also catch one of our members at an event and we'll be glad to take a cash donation and give you a receipt. ALL donations are tax deductible.
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Now we like to Thank the many people that make this transport possible, they have to drive to their destination non-stop with as many as over 90 dogs and puppies counting on them to get there safely.  Through rain sleet and snow, the transport is on the go!
What is Transport